Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a time for you to listen to what your life is saying, and to listen for the voice of God in the presence of a spiritual guide. Listening like this can be terrifying, but essential. Richard Rohr writes, "It takes a lot of work to discover your true and real hunger. Without good spiritual direction, however, you will run from the inner chaos..." Spiritual direction invites you to encounter the chaos and goodness of your "inner landscape" in a safe, honest and confidential container - to rediscover your real hunger.

Spiritual direction is not therapy, and it is not pastoral counseling, but you will find elements of both in our time together. It is also not meant to be a replacement for worship, community or therapy. Spiritual direction works best when you are engaged in diverse settings and relationships - it is often in the normalcy of life we discover our truest self and commune with the Divine.

I (Michael) come from a Christ-centric worldview, but I work with individuals from various faith and non-faith traditions, particularly those who have experienced spiritual/relational wounding and trauma. I work with individuals regardless of age, race, gender and sexual orientation - if your desire is to engage your inner life, you are welcome.

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In-Person Appointment - $50/session

Video Appointment - $50/session